Suthep: Thailand-Cambodia can still negotiate

Deputy Prime Minister for Security Affairs Suthep Thaugsuban has voiced his confidence that Thailand and Cambodia will be able to negotiate despite recent clashes between their troops at the border.

Mr Suthep admitted that he is still unable to analyse the cause of the continuous border clashes because each side has different ideas. He added that there is no need to downgrade the diplomatic relations between the two countries for the time being.

The deputy prime minister believed that both sides are still able to enter negotiations by themselves to solve the border disputes without the need for ASEAN Secretary-General Dr Surin Pitsuwan to mediate.

Mr Suthep however voiced concerns over news presentation of the press and rumor. He asked all sides to wait for confirmation from the army prior to making any judgement. He then stressed that the Thai troops had acted in the border clashes with dignity and were not at all at a disadvantage.

The deputy prime minister also expressed his concerns for local residents along the Thai-Cambodian border, pledging that the government will expedite its assistance to renovate their houses and rehabilitate cultivating areas. He also noted that the border can be closed whenever necessary.


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