Stress of border villagers at normal level

BANGKOK, 14 February 2011 (NNT) – The stress level of local residents affected from the Thai-Cambodian border skirmishes has so far been normal, according to a survey by the Department of Mental Health.

Mental Health Department Director-General Medical Doctor Apichai Mongkol elaborated that villagers taking refuge in temporary shelters in Si Sa Ket are found to have normal type of anxiety such as concerns over their homes, life at the centers and the prevailing situation.

MD Apichai however noted that no one suffers from a strong level of stress or needs special medication to relieve the stress.

Citing a survey by psychiatrists working for government hospitals in the Northeast, the director-general said about 20 out of 1,500 people were found to have anxiety, and four or five people in this group might need time to adjust themselves.

MD Apichai believed that the situation in general had improved after villagers were allowed to go back home after border clashes.

As for the stress level among relatives of the three people killed in the border clashes, the director-general said relatives of those victims remain in good morale, but the department will dispatch officials to follow up their condition on a continual basis.


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