Solutions to palm oil shortage expected today

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Solutions to the domestic palm oil shortage will be drawn up during the national oil palm policy committee meeting on Tuesday, according to Deputy Prime Minister for Security Affairs Suthep Thaugsuban.

Speaking in his capacity as the panel’s chairperson, Mr Suthep said representatives from the public and private sectors concerned, manufacturers and palm growers will be invited to discuss and jointly draw up directions in a bid to end the current palm oil issue this afternoon.

The panel chairperson said the consideration would base on the principle that there would be no palm oil shortage and palm oil must be sold at 47 THB per liter in all types of containers. However, he noted that prices could be lowered in future developments.

In addition, Mr Suthep emphasized that the committee would forge ahead with its policy to produce biodiesel from oil palm in order to reduce dependence on diesel imports.

The deputy prime minister also stated he would not put the blame on the Ministry of Commerce even if it could not deal with the problem efficiently.

He said the Department of Special Investigation was inspecting palm oil situation in various factories and hoarders would be prosecuted.

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