Ministry of Education to reduce prices of textbooks

Education Minister Mr. Chinnaworn Bunyakiat and publishers will decide on a new set of prices for textbooks under an education reform, set to expand inl the next 15 years, to exempt tuition fees for students across Thailand.

According to the Education Minister, new prices for textbooks are set to become cheaper as they will be given to students for free. Education institutions will prepare a list of all the prices of textbooks for the Ministry of Education’s consideration.

Relevant agencies including publishers and textbook distributors will be asked to join the panel in deciding on standard prices for textbooks that are commonly used for lessons in the school. Under the reform, schools that have a student population of 300 or lower will receive the perks which include free enrollments and textbooks. The standard prices will be applied to all textbooks purchased for such schools.

One of the objectives of price reduction is also aimed at improving the quality of textbooks rather than promoting competition among pubishers.


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