Bogus flood victims overwhelm the government list to benefit from compensations

Minister to the Prime Minister Office Mr. Satit Wongnongtoey, said going over the names of the flood victims has to be done thoroughly before handing out cash to prevent any individuals taking advantage of the government’s rescue efforts.

A list of flood stricken families can be broken down into three portions. The first one consists of Thai families in the Central Plains, the Northeast and certain parts of the North who were affected by the second wave of flood: or in the other word, residents who went through the ordeal from 10 October 2010 until 1 November 2010 would be automatically entitled to receive 5,000 baht.

According to Mr. Satit, the second period took place in November in which residents of another 12 provinces were added to the list of victims. However, those who endured the flood before 10 October 2010 would be included in the third period. All of three portions bring a total number of families to 1 million from 68 provinces.

The government has so far paid cash to over 750,000 families in Thailand. However, there was an emerging list of 300,000 families recently asking for financial support from the government, given that victims were given enough time to report to the authority in the past, a team of officials have been instructed to run a background check to verify the new families.

As a result, over 50,000 families have been delisted after being exposed by the officials that they are merely cash-strapped and not being flood victims as claimed. Some of them have been prosecuted.


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