Bangkok Poll: People back censure debate

A majority of people in Bangkok agree that the opposition should seek a censure debate against the government, according to a recent survey by the Bangkok University Research Institute (Bangkok Poll).

65.9% of the respondents agreed that the opposition should file a censure motion against the government for the time being in order to double-check the government’s performance and allow the government to provide clear explanations on suspicious issues.

However, 34.1% of the respondents rejected the idea, reasoning that the country has already been engulfed with so many problems, and a censure debate will do nothing but just a waste of time while a new general election is approaching.

Asking those who supported the censure about the topics to be grilled, 84.2% of the group voted for economic problems. Other issues mentioned by the group are corruption practices in many projects and national security problems.

Asking which ministers should be grilled most, 78.2% put Deputy Prime Minister for Security Affairs Suthep Thaugsuban at the top of the list, followed by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva 71.0%, Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya 51.3%, Commerce Minister Pornthiva Nakasai 43.4%, and Transport Minister Sopon Zarum 34.9%.

Nevertheless, 54.1% of the respondents did not believe that the opposition would be successful in the censure debate due to their lack of credible information and evidence while 45.9% were confident in the opposition.

Meanwhile, 72.6% of the respondents said they did not think that the government would be able to clarify queries made by the opposition or to provide clear supporting evidence. Only 27.4% said they were confident in the government.

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