ABAC Poll: Teens not to lose virginity on Valentine’s Day

The majority of Thai youth do not deem the Valentine’s Day as a day to engage in sexual intercourse and lose their virginity, according to a recent survey by Assumption University Research Center (ABAC Poll).

The survey was conducted with 1,256 teenagers aged from 12 to 24 years old in Bangkok and vicinities. The aim of the research is to assess the attitude about sexual relations of Thai teenagers upon the upcoming Valentine’s Day on 14 February.

97.3% of the respondents said they know that 14 February is the Valentine’s Day while 2.7% do not. 60.5% of the respondents do not deem the Valentine’s Day a special day; however, other 39.5% thought that the day is special for them.

29.4% of the respondents indicated that they had sexual experiences with their partners before while other 70.6% said they are still virgins. 16.9% said they have a very high chance to have sex on the Valentine’s Day with their lovers while 70.4% thought that the chance is very slim.

Questioned if their friends were asked to have sex with their partners, 36.2% of the respondents said they will suggest their friends to keep their virginity and not to have sex before marriage. 34.8% deemed it acceptable to have sex but contraceptives such as condoms must be used.

18.0% of the respondents stated that it is a personal right to have sexual intercourse while 7.0% said they will encourage their friends to break up with their partners right away upon such a situation. The rest of 4.0% suggested other options to avoid engaging in sexual intercourses.

Source: http://thainews.prd.go.th/en/news.php?id=255402100009

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