Troop reinforcement on Thai Cambodian border is only a precautionary measure

Commander of Army Region 1 Major General Udomdej Sitabutr has revealed that troop reinforcement along the Thai-Cambodian border in Srakeaw province is not only for the protection against Cambodia but also for making sure the planned-movements by yellow-shirted activists will not turn violent.

According to Major General Udomdej, the situation along the border has been peaceful despite more troops have been deployed by Cambodia. The move is considered part of the routine commonly practiced along the border in dispute. Moreover, an increase in the number of troops will make it more difficult for drug traffickers and illegal immigrants to enter Thailand.

Regarding the Thailand Patriots Network members who planned to rally in Sakaew in protest of Cambodia arresting one of their core-leaders, Veera Somkwamkid, the commander said the rally could further complicate the border issue and the group should call it off. As for the release of Veera, who remains behind bars in Cambodia, the General said the Network should leave the matter to the government, as the latter was duty-bound to bring him home.


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