Thai restaurants in EU in need of Thai vegetables

Thai restaurants in Europe are facing shortage of Thai vegetables and herbs after exports of some Thai vegetables have been halted temporarily, according to the Department of Export Promotion (DEP).

DEP Director-General Nuntawan Sakuntanaga reported that Thai restaurants in Europe, especially in the UK at present were now lacking ingredients for cooking because prices of some vegetables had been shooting up due to shortage in the market.

Ms Nuntawan admitted that Thai restaurants in Europe had no choice but to buy vegetables exported from other countries such as Laos, Vietnam and the Netherlands.

The director-general hence warned that related units should urgently solve the problem of Thai vegetable exports; otherwise, Thailand might lose its vegetable market share in Europe. Besides, a delay could affect the government campaign to encourage Thai restaurants overseas to use only Thai ingredients.

Exports of 16 kinds of Thai vegetables, such as sweet basil, chilli and eggplants, have been temporarily halted due to frequent findings of quarantine pests in their shipment.


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