Number portability has become common among cell phone users

Samart i-Mobile Public Company Limited has revealed that the growing popularity of smart phones and competition among service providers may prompt the prices of mobile phone to drop from initially at over 10,000 baht to a range of 3,000-5,900 baht per unit.
The company has also planned to launch a new smart phone which operates the same way Blackberry does with a price tag of 2,000 baht. According to the report, more of the new-generation Samart’s android mobile phones are also expected to be released in the market very soon. The company has forecasted the revenue growth of 20 billion baht, a third of its total revenue, within the next two years

Meanwhile, the Total Access Communication Public Company Limited, widely known as DTAC, has reported an increase in its i-Phone and Blackberry sales volume of collectively 900,000 units. The company claims the spike was the result of the popularity of social networking among mobile phone users, which has increased by 200%.

Since the introduction of number portability, the Clearing House for Number Portability Company has reported that the number of users changing service providers have grown to 200 at present.


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