MOL to brainstorm for its master plan on labour ( B.E. 2555 – 2559)

MOL brainstorms ideas for its master plan on labour (B.E. 2555-2559) by adhering overall perspectives which are decent and suitable for implementing the master plan. The meeting held at Prokkorn Angsusing meeting room, Department of Skills Development.

Mr. Somkiat Chayasriwong, Permanent Secretary of MOL said designing master plan on labour was critical to set up the administrative framework of MOL and the brainstorming was shared the ideas by senior administrators in order to analyze the environment to lay down the master plan (B.E. 2555-2559). In this regard, it was not necessary to implement the ideas of senior officers; rather it must consider the overall perspectives which were decent and suitable for implementing with the master plan. These will render the development of master plan.   According to the seminar, SWOT Analysis was employed to analyze the internal and external environment for designing the master plan and the senior officers were divided into small groups in order to explore all relevant matters that would be implemented for the master plan (B.E. 2555-2559)
SWOT Analysis was employed to analyze the strength and weakness in order to reflect a clear position of organization and allow the organization to assess its resources and capabilities. Moreover, the analysis of opportunity, threat, as well as internal and external factors would assist senior officers to recognize the external changes as well as future tendency.
In addition, there are 3 workshops which the first meeting held for senior officials Level 9 or above on 26 January, 2011 in order to define the vision as well as five-year strategy.


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