Labor Ministry says Thai interns will recieve a minimum wage while working in Japan

Permanent Secretary to Ministry of Labour Mr. Somkiat Chayasriwong has disclosed that all Thai youths under apprenticeship in Japan will be paid a fixed amount of money equivalent to the Japanese minimum wage.

Thai vocational students have over the years participated in a 3-year exchange program aimed at giving them a great opportunity to work in Japan, which has been established by the Association for International Manpower Development of Medium and Small Enterprises, Japan (IMM).

However, concerns have repeatedly been raised over the wage those youths are paid during their apprenticeship, which is lower than the Japanese minimum wage. To solve the wage gap issue, the IMM has informed Vietnam and Malaysia as well as Thailand, all of which have their youths under apprenticeship in Japan, of the planned wage adjustment which will take effect soon. The adjustment will make apprentices’ pay equal to the minimum wage in Japan.

Not all are rosy, though. According to the IMM President, some Thai students are known to have been into gambling and drinking while under the program. He urged all Thai youths to stay away from such activities as they are abhorred by Japanese employers and, at the same time, tarnish the image of Thailand.


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