Help underway for southern residents hit by floods

More than 11,000 households in the southern provinces of Yala and Narathiwat have been seriously affected by floods after a week of torrential rains while the authorities have begun providing help to the victims.

According to Yala Governor Krissada Boonraj, heavy rains and overflows from the neighboring province of Narathiwat have caused the Sai Buri River to surge and inundate many villages in the province. He indicated that as many as 357 families were troubled by the water with extensive damages on farmlands, fruit plantations and schools.

The Yala Governor noted that provincial authorities had been sent to give the victims humanitarian aid and food. The residents have been warned to be on high alert of any further flooding and advised to stay out of the water and tie a colored-cloth to their window if emergency assistance is needed.

Meanwhile, in Narathiwat, a total of 36,908 people from 11,053 households in 13 districts have become the victims of this widespread flooding; over 300 people have been evacuated from their homes. As many as 46 roads and 6 bridges have also been damaged. Related officials promised to do their best in dealing with the disaster in hopes to lessen the victims’ burdens as much as possible.

Help underway for southern residents hit by floods


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