Govt must be firm in helping 7 Thais in Cambodia

The New Politics Party has called on the government to make a clear stance on defending the 7 Thai nationals, who are being detained in Cambodia and alleged of trespassing into the neighboring country.

New Politics Party Secretary-General Suriyasai Katasila expressed his concerns over how Thai authorities, who were tasked to help the 7 Thais in Cambodia, had given different information about the issue. The Foreign Minister reportedly acceded that the detainees had in fact entered Cambodia without permission, whereas the Army’s response was the other way around.

According to Mr. Suriyasai, the results may give ambiguous directions as to what grounds Thailand would use to defend its citizens against the accusation by the Cambodian authorities. He wished that the government would be more decisive in its stance and more assertive in saying that the Thai detainees did not do anything illegal.


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