Eggs to be categorized as a product under price control

The Commerce Ministry has reported that there are now more than 30 fresh market operators wanting to join the new egg pricing scheme next month.

Under the new scheme, eggs would be priced according to their weight in kilograms; a practice which the Ministry says is only optional in the market. The Association of Thai Weighs Industry will also loan sellers scales for their business.

Eggs being sold will be supplied from farms in both Bangkok and its surrounding provinces.As for markets in other provinces across Thailand, the local trade authorities will coordinate with layer farms in their provinces for those that are interested in the scheme. The Ministry says farmers and egg retailers should not be concerned over the weighing method.

Many fear the number of eggs sold for the same price will differ from one transaction to another and customers may think they have been cheated. The issue will be proposed to the Cabinet next Tuesday to come up with regulations regarding how eggs should be sold as well as renting out egg storages and including eggs on the list of controlled products.


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