Agricultural restructuring needed for food security

Agricultural restructuring is needed in order to avoid potential food security crisis in the future, according to Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Theera Wongsamut.

Speaking in a special lecture entitled “Thailand’s Readiness for Food Security Crisis”, Mr Theera said Thailand, as a food producer, had very good security in food as it could produce sufficient food for both domestic consumption and export.

The minister however admitted that there were still some risks due to several unreliable factors. They include climate volatility, domestic production affected by trade liberalization, changes in land use, higher oil price which has led to increasing demand for agricultural produce in energy production, lack of technology development and low earnings of farmers.

The minister said measures had been prepared to strengthen food security, including formulation of agro-related strategies based on qualitative and quantitative research, and permission for imports to substitute agricultural products in shortage.

Mr Theera added that foreign investment would be encouraged while the agriculture sector of the country should be restructured in order to control the domestic production and ensure the national food security.


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