2.4 millions of Thai to enter new social security scheme

The ruling Democrat Party has declared its plan to include 2.4 million Thais in the social security system, hoping their livelihood will improve.

According the party, the next parliamentary session will focus on changing the law concerning social security entitlements for the Thai people. Thai nationals who are working independently and those who are hired outside of the regular employment regime will be entitled to social security benefits.

The ruling party said it expected at least 2.4 million more Thais to enter the system. The move, defined by Section 40 of the Social Security Law, will see millions of Thai from a wide range of occupations such as farmers and self employed people register at the Social Security Office.

Under the change, compensations will be paid if they meet disability as well as sickness requirements or when there is a proof of death. The Democrat Party also said their support was not intended to resemble a populist policy, but for the better living of Thai people. Once the law has been changed, all of the entitlements will remain the same in the future.

Source: http://thainews.prd.go.th/en/news.php?id=255401230010

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