Sugar shortage causes price hike

(NNT)-Despite sugar price rise as a result of the shortage producers claim brought on by high production costs, consumers are still unable to buy the sweet substance.

Several department stores and retailers yesterday reported to the Ministry of Commerce that they had difficulty getting refiners to deliver sugar packed in one-kilogram bags to them. Refiners cited high production cost as a reason for not delivering the substance. However, the Ministry said its duty was to control prices of sugar for end-users, and ensuring adequate supplies rested with the Industry Ministry.

The Commerce Ministry also said that there were law and procedures in place to keep sugar prices stable; adding that each provincial governor has the authority to set the prices of sugar. Legal action will be taken against those caught selling sugar at higher prices than those announced.

However, the Office of the Cane and Sugar Board brushed aside claims of shortage, saying that the Ministry of Industry had been maintaining sufficient amount of sugar in the market at 500,000 sacks per week.


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