Parents are warned against letting their children go alone on a Loy Kratong day

(NNT)-The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation has encouraged parents to take their children to safe areas to float their kratongs. It has also recommended that children be in the company of adults at all times during the festival.

According to the Department, statistics has indicated that the number of children drowning during the Loy Kratong Festival is 3 times higher than that on an average day; to the tune of 29 to 11. The causes of deaths were either accidents or drowning while trying to get the money in the kratongs.

The Department has warned parents to take precautionary measures by making sure that the the floating platform is strong and not too crowded at the time the children are floating their kratongs. If children plan to go to the riverside, parents must be sure that the area around the embankment is not slippery.

Parents or adult relatives have also been advised against allowing their children to collect the money in the water as they might have leg cramps. In case of accident, please call an emergency unit at 1784 24 hours a day.


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