MOTS: Thai tourism needs to be restored after flooding crisis

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports is forging ahead with its plan to rehabilitate Thai tourism severely affected by the recent flooding.

According to Sombat Kuruphan, the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the recent flooding in many areas has done much damage to the tourism sector. The ministry has already had a plan to assist the sector by urging Thais to travel domestically. The budget for the purpose will be from that earmarked for tourism promotion next year by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). In addition, the ministry will ask the government for extra budget, so it could further stimulate domestic tourism, which has been in a coma thanks to the flooding and violence in the past months.

Thai Hotels Association has advised the government to help promote tourism among local and foreign tourists and inform them that the overall situation has returned to normal. The government should also urgently rehabilitate tourist attractions affected by floods in anticipation of foreign tourist influx expected during the end of the year.


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