Consumer goods producers to maintain their prices till year end

Ministry of Commerce disapproved of the move to raise price of bagged rice. The Ministry also has successfully persuaded manufacturers to maintain their prices till the end of the year. Blue Flag Fair will be held in all provinces that have been affected by flood.

Commerce Minister, Pornthiva Nakasai revealed that the Prime Minister has ordered the Commerce Ministry to keep an eye on the prices of consumer goods and make sure of enough supplies. The Ministry of Commerce has asked the consumer goods producers to maintain their prices till the end of the year, especially goods that are essential after flooding. The Ministry also has invited three groups of producers: construction, agricultural, and consumer goods producers to ask for their cooperation to help flood-victims by maintaining their prices.

As for bagged rice producers who are ready to raise their prices, the ministry did not agree with the move, however, if the rice prices are likely to go higher, the commerce ministry will sell the rice from the government’s stock to intervene in the market price.

Meanwhile, construction materials producers have agreed to maintain their prices for the rest of the year. They will donate products through the ministry to help flood-victims who need to renovate their houses.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Commerce will organize the Blue Flag Fair to help flood-victims during November 9-15 at Impact Muang Thong Thani. Consumer goods at the event will be sold at lower prices. It is also preparing to hold the Fair in other provinces as well.


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